You Trippin’?

This is so random, hahahaha. I saw the tripy effect in Sony Vegas, so I wanted to make a trippy kind of video. Haha, I like some trippy images and stuff, so not going to lie. Don’t need drugs to trip with trippy GIFs and videos, huuuh.exe xD Don’t do drugs. Do this video. Wait, what? xD Oh that sounds wrong, i didn’t mean in that way, hahaha. This is some of older music videos and stuff with the trippy effect. It was random. You trippin’?.exe xD
Song used:
1. Break Your Little Heart ~ All Time Low.
2. My Happy Ending ~ Avril Lavigne.
3. Alive
4. Bubblegum Bitch ~ Marina And The Diamonds.
5. Crazy Beautiful Life ~ Ke$ha.
6. Love 2012
7. Last Friday Night ~ Woe Is Me
8. Stressed Out ~ Twenty One Pilots
9. Jamie All Over
I don’t own the songs used in this video. All music is used for entertainment purposes only, all rights go to original owners. 😛
Techy Information:
Editor: Sony Vegas Pro 13.0
Back-up channel:
Channel for old videos:

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